Property Preservation

We specialize in all forms of commercial and post-foreclosure residential inspections, and beyond.  Choose from our existing suite of product offerings, or let us design a solution for you.

We provide a suite of offerings to ensure that vacant and abandoned properties are secure and protected.

We understand the importance of getting a property into a sellable condition and keeping it that way.  That is why our property preservation services are vital–we provide the preservation, maintenance, and repair activities needed to allow you to sell your properties faster, at top dollar.

Our nationwide team of dedicated contractors allows us to professionally and quickly evaluate properties and make the necessary adjustments (i.e. repair, winterization, or maintenance).

Property Preservation Services include:

Initial Services

  • Services performed immediately upon a property becoming vacant.

Recurring Services

  • Services performed on a regularly scheduled basis.

Periodic Services

  • Services performed on an as-needed or requested basis.

Client Support Capabilities

  • Bid Management System
  • Bid Review and QC Process
  • Winterization Management Program
  • REO Client-accessible Web-Based System