Inspections & COVID-19

Although COVID-19 has disrupted all our lives and has kept us from business as usual, Spectrum would like to offer you a different way to continue providing high-quality, affordable inspections.

We are able to perform inspections and site visits virtually, complying with COVID-19 distancing guidelines, and getting you your results quickly. By using our experienced Spectrum Employees, directing your property contact, we are able to perform the inspection through video conferencing.

Virtual inspections are designed for inspections which require the inspector to perform the inspection with a property contact. “No Contact” inspections will continue to be performed by our professional inspectors in the field.

In addition to Virtual Inspections and No Contact inspections, a third option is for lenders to use Spectrum's excellent mobile inspection platform, Prism Mobile to perform local, Self-Serve Inspections.


For more information about Virtual Inspections, please call 801-461-8209, call toll free at 1-800-700-1701, or email


To learn more about which inspection type will suit your needs, schedule a 15-minute call with us. We'd like to learn your needs and suggest ways to help.

Inspections Offered by Spectrum:

  • Commercial, including SBA 
  • Residential
  • Leased Equipment
  • Construction Draw
  • Merchant Site
  • & Tailor-made inspections to meet your needs