About Us

Spectrum Field Services, Inc. joined the mortgage field services industry in 1987.  Mortgage field services had its origin in the mid- to late-1980’s, and provides inspection and property preservation & maintenance services to the mortgage banking industry.

Spectrum was one of the early companies to join this new industry and had the distinction of starting out as a national provider from the very beginning, offering both residential inspection and property preservation & maintenance services.

As one of the early entrants into the fledgling mortgage field service industry, Spectrum has had the opportunity to and has been successful at, evolving as the industry has matured and new business opportunities have emerged.

The Spectrum Advantage

Since its inception, Spectrum’s core values and approach to its various lines of business can be defined in four important ways:

  • Creative Solutions
  • Industry Innovation
  • Industry Involvement
  • Proven Stability

Creative Solutions

Spectrum’s approach is to focus on creative solutions to meet each client’s needs by creating service approaches tailored to their unique requirements.  To support this, Spectrum has created its own proprietary technology, called Prism, along with a mobile application, PrismMobile, which allows us to be agile, thorough and efficient.

Industry Innovation & Involvement

Spectrum is commitment to innovation and industry involvement has aided in the evolution and integrity of the industry.  Because it was one of the forerunners in the field service industry, it has had the opportunity to have a major role in the development of “best practices” for the industry.

Through its launch of SpectrumImage in the early 1990’s, Spectrum introduced digital photos to the field service industry, replacing Polaroid and 35mm photos.

Spectrum began to capture imbedded metadata in the photos submitted by our vendors, which allowed us to easily identify any duplicate photos received.

Spectrum developed the first reverse mortgage inspection protocols, while reverse mortgages were still a “novelty” and in their infancy.  The initiation of these reverse mortgage inspections even preceded the introduction of FHA’s HECM reverse mortgage program.

Spectrum was the first nationwide company to incorporate geo-coding in each photo taken, in conjunction with its partnership with Pruvan, a technology company.

Through its Prism technology, Spectrum introduced the ability to quality control inspections at the point of inspection – alerting inspectors using their mobile device to receive a notification of a possible issue with the inspection, and allowing them to address the problem while still at the property, performing the inspection.

It has been important to Spectrum to be heavily involved in the industries served by the company.  Spectrum has been a very active participant, serving on committees, boards, and councils as well as contributing articles for industry publications, participating on panels at industry conferences, and presenting numerous training sessions at industry events.

Proven Stability

Another hallmark of Spectrum has been its stability, which is particularly measurable with its network of independent contactors in the field and with Spectrum’s own employees.

Spectrum’s utilizes a network of over 1,100 independent contractors to complete our inspections.  Because its inspectors are truly the “lifeblood of the business”, from the time an employee is hired, it is imparted to them to always treat its vendors with professionalism and respect.  Consequently, many of these inspectors have been affiliated with Spectrum for a decade or longer.

Spectrum has had the great advantage of very low turnover with its own employees.  More than 70% of Spectrum’s in-house staff have at least two years of experience with the company.  And more than one-third of Spectrum’s staff are veterans with more than a decade of experience, resulting in a highly trained and very knowledgeable workforce.