Heather Mecham

Manager, Specialty Inspections

Leading Spectrum’s specialty inspection team, Heather Mecham serves clients with precision, tact, and care. Having started in the field services industry in 1997 with FARSE Field Services, Heather has gained valuable industry knowledge that cannot be easily replicated. She has worked both in managing employees and vendors and in shepherding clients. With employees, she has handled every stage of the business: recruiting, training, and management. And with clients, she has experience in on-boarding new clients, managing inspection performance, and quality control. She is also HUD certified.

Because it is so difficult delivering high-quality and timely results to clients that have a national and sometimes international footprints, having a steady hand managing the process is paramount. Heather’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience is evident in the ease with which she navigates complex issues and how she identifies and then resolves potential complications.

Heather earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Utah State University and also has obtained a Real Estate license.