Spectrum Advantage

Spectrum’s commitment to you is to understand your needs and then fulfill them with resourcefulness and reliability.

Your Spectrum Advantage: Creative Solutions,
Industry Leadership, & Proven Stability.

You can have peace of mind with the Spectrum solutions

When you need to know that the property in Alaska is at the correct address with photographic evidence, use Spectrum.

When you need to know that the equipment you loaned against is in sound and working order in South Carolina and you are in Utah, use Spectrum.

When you need to know that the car you financed is still in Biloxi, Mississippi, you use Spectrum.

If you need peace of mind, use Spectrum. You have professional partners with Spectrum

When you partner Spectrum, you are tapping into a network of inspection and maintenance professionals have been in this industry for years and you get a team of customer success representatives who are devoted to delivering the highest quality reports to you.

You have professional-grade software with Spectrum

Surprises are only good for birthdays and Christmas. With Spectrum, we eliminate surprises for your business, and we deliver your results with software designed by industry professionals. The reports generated by our software removes any question about how your properties or assets are doing. Our software exists because it serves you better than any other software on the market. We designed it. We built it. We maintain it. And it serves you.

You can team up with an industry leader

As an original player in the field service industry, Spectrum contributed to the formation of the industry itself. It still serves as an important voice on best practices and industry standards with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

You are in stable hands

We have seen a thing or two. Since 1987, Spectrum has been handling field servicing, inspection, and maintenance work around the country. When you bring your problems to us, we will have a solution.