SBA Site Visits

The Full Spectrum Approach

How do you optimize the expenses associated with minimizing your SBA loan risk?

If you are a large multi-national, regional bank, or Credit Union Servicing Organization (CUSO) you likely hire a third-party vendor, like Spectrum, to perform all of your site visits and inspections for your loans in your portfolio. Our price points and turn-times are better than industry standards and our reporting is incredible.

If you are a community bank or a credit union, you probably send out your own employees perform site visits to local clients. However, only armed with a camera and a pad of paper, your loan officers produce reports that leave something to be desired.

Did you know that Spectrum offers the same mobile inspection software our professional inspectors use for your remote inspections to lenders that want to perform their own local inspections? Prism Mobile gives lenders a risk-eliminating and time-saving mobile site visit experience all while improving on a well-earned relationship with their local clients.

What if you could have the best of both experiences?

You can take advantage of the Full Spectrum Approach to SBA site visits. For your remote site visits, hire Spectrum to do them at an amazing price point. For your local inspections, use Prism Mobile. The reports are the same and you win back time.

What are the benefits of the Full Spectrum Approach to SBA site visits?

  • Identical Reporting: Regardless of who performs the site visit, the reporting is the same, consistent format.
  • Address, Time, and Date Verification: Spectrum’s mobile inspection software platform, Prism Mobile, stamps the time, date, and location when and where the site visit was completed.
  • Save at least 50% of your loan officer’s time: Using Prism Mobile, once your loan officer completes the inspection within the app, he is done with the inspection. He no longer needs to return to the bank to input data into the loan file. One of the best things our Prism Mobile clients report back to us is: “Once I’m done, I’m done!”
  • Better Data Quality: Because the inspection can be completed at the site of the inspection, there is no chance for any data quality loss between the time when your loan officer leaves the inspection site and the time when he enters it into the loan file. The data is as fresh and accurate as possible.
  • Save Time & Money: Because Spectrum’s third-party SBA site visits are so affordable, we recommend assigning SBA site visits to Spectrum if the location is more than 60 minutes away from your bank.

To learn more about the Full Spectrum approach to SBA site visits, call us at 801-461-8209 or email

SBA Site Visit Types

Spectrum performs every inspection and site visit type suggested by the SBA. Further, if you would like to modify an inspection or site visit template to your needs, we can do that for you.