Door Knock Service & Vehicle Inspection

What is the Door Knock Service & Vehicle Inspection process?

  1. Our professional contracted inspector visits the address of your delinquent borrower to hand-deliver a letter from you and to encourage them to contact you
  2. We then request to take a look at the vehicle
    • We fill out a vehicle condition report
    • We take several photos
  3. When the vehicle inspection is completed, our system generates a time-and-date stamped and GPS-tagged report that is then sent to you for your records

What if the borrower is not available?

  • Our inspector leaves the letter at the door and inspects the vehicle if it is available in the driveway, in a public parking stall, or parked on the street
  • If the vehicle is not available, the inspector notes that in his or her report, which is then sent to you with a time-and-date stamp and a GPS tag.

What is the purpose of a Door Knock Service & Vehicle Inspection?

  • The purpose is for the delinquent borrower to contact their lender. Once a lender can talk to a borrower, they often can come to a resolution regarding the repayment of the auto loan.

To learn more about the Door Knock Service & Vehicle Inspection:

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  • Call us at 801-461-8209