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  • Assets are winterized under one common program.  Spectrum manages and performs all aspects of the winterization for our clients, using our extensive winterization experience and network of locally-based independent contractors.
  • Property winterization results can be uploaded to your web-based system, or an email notification can be sent to agent when winterization results are posted



    • All winterizations are performed through one provider nationwide
    • Spectrum’s local contractors are required to follow Spectrum’s specifications (as adjusted for local geographic requirements)

Cost Savings

  • Experience shows that REO servicers save an average of $50 - $100 per property

Simplified Pricing

  • Able to work from one price schedule that is agreed upon in advance

Simplified Billing

  • Since the billing for each winterization will come from one source, direct electronic billing will be utilized
  • Vendor management: One vendor billing for winterizations vs. thousands of vendor billings


  • Winterization errors, should they occur, are easier to resolve if a single-source vendor is involved
  • Spectrum requires its contractors to carry liability and errors & omissions insurance coverage
  • Spectrum itself carries a blanket policy covering commercial general liability and errors & omissions risk

Benefits to Agents

  • No longer have to take the time to locate a plumber for each of your properties
  • Able to cede responsibility and to Spectrum for winterizations
Appreciate not having to temporarily fund or arrange payment for the winterizations

For more information about winterizations please call or email us at

(800) 842-9930 Ext. 279


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