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Specialty Inspection and Verification Services

Spectrum Field Services provides specialty inspection and verification services utilizing state-of-the-art web-based technology, experienced inspectors, and an excellent team of office personnel to provide our clients with invaluable information about their properties in record time.

Our specialty inspection and verification services never include any set up fees or monthly or annual minimums.  You can set up a new account and begin ordering within 30 minutes--order as many reports as you need today and pay only for what you order.  Place orders one at a time or hundreds at a time in a batch process. 

Access to order entry system and completed reports is available via our web site 24-hours per day, using your proprietary user name and ID. 

All completed reports are kept indefinitely on our system; or--if you prefer-- download and save them to yours.  There are no hidden fees for things like postage or overnight shipping, because everything is available to you via the internet-including photos!   All photos are digital.  Our field personnel are nationwide, which allows true national coverage, even in most remote areas.

One type of specialty inspection we can perform is a merchant site inspection.  This is an independent, on-site analysis of a business intended to help determine the legitimacy of that business and prevent fraud. The inspection consists of a field report and interview, and includes photos of the business.  This can be accomplished with an announced or unannounced visit.


Specialty inspection and verification services include:

  • Merchant Site Inspections/Surveys
  • Commercial Real Estate Inspections
  • Reverse Mortgage Inspections
  • Mobile Home Vacancy Inspections
  • Occupancy Checks
  • REO QC Inspections
  • Leased Equipment Inspections
  • Collateral Inspection Reports
  • Address Verifications       
  • Floor Plan Audits
  • Location Verification Inspections
  • Delinquent Vehicle Loan Inspections
  • Credit Line Interviews
  • "Notice to Call" Delivery


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