Specialty Inspections    REO Property Preservation   

Stable and Responsive Services

Off-the-Shelf Products and Services

Property Preservation and Maintenance:

  • Initial Services
    Services performed immediate upon a property being reported as vacant.
  • Recurring Services
    Services Performed on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Periodic Services
    Services performed on an as-needed or requested basis
  • Fee-for-Services

Residential Inspections:

  • Occupancy Verifications
  • Property Condition Reports
  • No Contact Inspections
  • Fannie Mae Form 30 Inspections
  • Interior Sale Date Inspections
  • Insurance Loss Draft Inspections
  • Disaster Inspections

Specialty Inspections:

  • Address Verifications
  • Commercial Real Estate Inspections
  • Commercial Contraction Draw Inspection
  • Delinquent Vehicle Loan Inspections
  • FNMA/Freddie Mac Inspections
  • Floor Plan Audits
  • Leased Equipment Inspections
  • Location Verification Inspections
  • MBA Inspections
  • Merchant Site Inspections/Surveys
  • HUD Inspections
  • Property Market Analysis
  • Mobile Home Vacancy Inspections
  • “Notice to Call” Delivery
  • Secret Shopper Inspections
  • Property Condition Reports
  • REO QC Inspections
  • Residential Occupancy Checks
  • Reverse Mortgage Inspections
  • SBA Loan Inspections

Client-Specific Products and Services

Spectrum can also adapt its services to solve clients’ more unique requirements. To tailor services to fit your needs, email us at tailoredinspections@spectrumfsi.com or call us at 1-800-700-1701.

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