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Spectrum Field Services, Inc. is a nationwide provider of property preservation and maintenance services, and residential and commercial inspections (including specialty inspections).

Spectrum was founded in 1987 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Alan W. Bunker and two other partners. Mr. Bunker created Spectrum as a place that produced excellent work product and services for the field service and financial industries, and also promoted a work environment where people would excel professionally and want to be.

Spectrum quickly gained a reputation as an industry leader. Although it wasn’t the largest by volume of inspections or number of employees, it tended to gain the respect of others in the industry because of quality of service and innovative concepts.

As it is with every great company, Spectrum experienced a series of mergers and acquisitions over the years. Throughout those events, Mr. Bunker remained at the head of Spectrum or its derivatives and made some lifelong relationships. One such relationship yielded a sister company, Commercial Asset Preservation LLC, which produces inspection and maintenance products for commercial properties. Another created a spin-off company, VisiSite Technologies, that repurposes Spectrum’s cutting-edge technology for similar industries.

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